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Total face makeover is a comprehensive combination of treatments performed to rejuvenate and enhance the entire face. Each facial makeover is custom-tailored to the individual and may involve an array of cutting-edge products and procedures, surgical or non-surgical, designed to enhance and restore facial appearance.

Am I a candidate for a total face makeover in Scottsdale?

You may be a candidate for total face makeover in Scottsdale if you have visible signs of aging and want to see a more youthful and pleasing appearance when you look in the mirror. To be an ideal candidat4e for any surgical procedure, you should be in good overall health.

Total Face Makeover in Scottsdale

What should I expect with a total face makeover in Scottsdale?

The total face makeover is individually-tailored to your unique needs. We will design a comprehensive facial treatment plan specifically for you. Depending on your aesthetic issues, it may involve any combination of the following procedures and non-surgical treatments:

  • Smile assessment performed by expert Summit Aesthetics staff
  • Dental implants, if indicated
  • Facelift or jaw lift and neck lift, if indicated, with PDO threads (a treatment to lift and tighten sagging skin using absorbable threads made of polydioxanone).
  • Dermal fillers for lip augmentation with a natural look
  • Cheek enhancement with a natural appearance using injectable facial fillers
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment for dark or discolored tear troughs, if indicated
  • BOTOX or Dysport injections to treat facial wrinkles and lines in the forehead
  • Microblading of eyebrows to enhance the eyes (tattooing tiny brow hairs to create the illusion of fuller brows)
  • Latisse eyelash treatment or eyelash extensions, if indicated, to enhance the eyes
  • Laser resurfacing or a VI chemical peel to address hyperpigmentation

What is recovery like after a total face makeover?

Recovery after a total face makeover in North Scottsdale will depend on the treatments included in your individual plan. Many of the facial enhancement procedures we perform are noninvasive or minimally invasive and require little or no downtime. When you come to our practice for a total face makeover, we will let you know exactly what to expect with each treatment included in your plan.


What are the benefits of a PDO thread lift?

PDO thread lifts offer several aesthetic benefits to enhance your facial appearance. This minimally-invasive procedure:

  • Instantly lifts areas of sagging skin
  • Stimulates collagen growth and cellular renewal to improve fine lines, elasticity, and skin texture
  • Tightens skin by contracting fat tissues

How long do microblading results last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique. As with any tattoo, the ink can fade over time, and you may need touch-ups in the future. The longevity of results may vary from person to person, depending on skin type and other factors. However, for many people, microblading results can last for years.

Why include dental implants in a total face makeover?

The visible effects of aging in the face are accelerated by missing teeth. When indicated, dental implants can play an important role in lifting the face and restoring more youthful contours.

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