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Imagine your face looking years younger, fully refreshed, and lifted – without surgery. A minimally invasive facelift in North Scottsdale at Summit Aesthetics is a life-enhancing, empowering experience. If you are unhappy with sagging skin, facial creases, and jowls, you will be thrilled with the result of our customized, minimally invasive facelift treatments. The experts at Summit Aesthetics, who are among the most highly-trained aesthetic professionals in the nation, perform every custom treatment.

At Summit Aesthetics, we take great pride in the skills of our facial rejuvenation experts, and the array of advanced procedures they have at their fingertips. You are a unique individual, with specific concerns about your appearance. The first step is for us to carefully evaluate your skin quality to determine the set of procedures that will produce the most beautiful, natural-looking result.

Dermal Fillers

At Summit Aesthetics medical spa in Scottsdale, we use the best dermal fillers, and our co-founder and registered nurse, Stefanie Kuerschner, is an extremely talented injector, known for her achieving consistently superior results with fillers. Dermal fillers can restore lost cheek volume, enhance lips, fill lines and creases, or smooth unsightly lip lines that reveal your age, impossible to hide with cosmetics.

Facial Contouring Carefree

PDO Threads

PDO threads are the latest generation in thread lifting technology, producing far superior results. PDO is poly-L-lactic acid, a material used in absorbable sutures. The dissolvable PDO threads work to trigger natural collagen growth within your skin. Sagging facial skin is lifted to a very natural, youthful position, with your skin becoming more supple and resilient as it regenerates from within. PDO threads have tiny cones that make it possible to reposition the skin and underlying muscles. PDO threads work in three different ways:

  • Instantaneously lifting facial skin
  • Collagen stimulation and cellular renewal for improved skin texture, smooth fine lines, and increase elasticity
  • Natural skin tightening and facial slimming

How is a PDO thread lift performed?

A North Scottsdale PDO threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure. The area to be treated will first be numbed with local anesthesia. The threads are then inserted into various skin layers, anchoring the skin to lift it back to its youthful position. The procedure takes from 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The threads are inserted with needles rather than incisions. You will need little recovery time and have immediate results that improve as your skin regenerates.

What to do before your PDO thread lift

Little preparation is necessary before your PDO facelift in North Scottsdale. Avoid alcohol, and blood-thinning medications and supplements (Vitamin E, ginkgo, omega oils, are examples) for a few days before and following your thread lift.

What should I expect?

You may experience some swelling or minor bruising after your PDO thread lift in Cave Creek. Sleep on your back until the swelling subsides. Our anti-aging experts use a meticulous technique that is less likely to cause bruising or swelling. This advanced non-invasive facelift creates a remarkably natural facial restoration, lasting up to six to eight months.

Neuromodulators: BOTOX, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau

The smoothing effect of BOTOX injections can enhance the results of your facial contouring in North Scottsdale. Lift a heavy brow, smooth frown lines, and watch crow’s feet fade away. Our injectors are meticulous in this technique, producing results that appear entirely natural and fresh.

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