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One of the most popular IV wellness treatments we provide to individuals living in or visiting the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Cave Creek area is for hormone replacement therapy. This specialized drip includes premier supplements like glutathione and NAD+ that help to pack a full wellness punch into one treatment.

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You may be experiencing a deficit in your hormone balance and not even realize it. Did you know that one of the most common signs of hormone deficiency is dry skin, which many merely chalk up to dehydration from the desert climate? Some other signs that your body might be sending you include urinary problems, moodiness, brain fog, thinning hair, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and more.

Rather than continuing to search for solutions to these symptoms for hours on end, why not book an appointment now for hormone replacement therapy, which will take less than 45 minutes? And remember, we can come to your location if you’re unable to drive or use a ride share service to come to us.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
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