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Summit Aesthetics is a state-of-the-art surgical center committed to using the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide advanced care and treatments. Our doctors stay abreast of the latest developments in surgical techniques and technologies to consistently improve our patients’ experience with oral surgeries. Our cutting-edge technologies assist us in every stage of the treatment process, from advanced and highly-accurate diagnostics to a comfortable recovery.

The CareStream Cone Beam System

The CareStream Cone Beam System allows us to generate high-definition and 3D x-rays of your oral anatomy in seconds. This cutting-edge technology provides an incredibly sophisticated look at your oral cavity, allowing us to precisely identify potential anomalies and irregularities. With accurate diagnostics, we curate extremely specific treatment plans customized to your individual case. With cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT), we can gather the information that’s inaccessible with traditional x-rays.

  • With Cone Beam 3D Imaging, Dr. Kuerschner can:
  • Visualize every angle of an oral cavity
  • Accurately measure and position implants without guesswork
  • Carefully analyze the nerve and root positions for effective surgical treatments
  • Curate the ideal treatment plans according to your unique oral anatomy

3D Imaging is a cutting-edge tool that facilitates Dr. Kuerschner’s surgical procedures while also improving the patient’s experience. It dramatically elevates the patient experience and recovery outlook with quicker treatments, instant and discreet scars, fewer expenses, and a smoother recovery journey. Our patients’ health, safety, and general comfort is our greatest priority.

With Cone Beam 3D Imaging, our patients have the following benefits:

  • Minimal exposure to radiation — 10x less than traditional x-rays
  • Extremely accurate and detailed treatment plans
  • Increased assurance of successful procedures
  • Negligible risk of surgery-related complications or side effects
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