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The eyes are one of the most important aspects of the face, one of the most looked-at parts of the body, and a central focal point of personal communication. Eyelashes frame and enhance the beauty of the eyes, making them look wider, younger and more expressive. We all want thicker, more beautiful lashes. But how to achieve this in a dramatic way? Enter the lash lift.

What is a lash lift?

Lash Lift is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to enhance your natural eyelashes by curling them from the base to the tip. During this procedure, the shape of the lashes is altered using a chemical solution, usually keratin. Similar to the lift you get when using an eyelash curler, a lash lift gives you length, volume, and shape for beautiful, natural-looking lashes.

What happens during the lash lift procedure?

Before the procedure, you’ll have a consultation with a lash artist at Summit Aesthetics. You will hear more details about the treatment and have a chance to ask any questions. This is the time you will decide on your preference for your lash style and aesthetic.

We will cleanse your eye area, then place a silicone rod onto the eyelids. The size of the rod is determined based on the style of lashes you chose in the consultation. Your natural lashes will be curled over and attached to the rod with an adhesive. This allows your lashes to set.

A lifting lotion is then applied to mold your lashes around the curling rod. The final step is a setting lotion that is applied to set the shape and curl of your lashes.

The procedure will take thirty minutes to an hour.

Who is a candidate for a lash lift?

The best candidates for a lash lift meet the following criteria:

    Have healthy lashes no less than four millimeters long

    Would like a natural, low-maintenance boost to the eyes

    Are not suffering from severe allergies

    Would like open, attractive-looking, enhanced eyes

    Would like to be able to continue to wear mascara on their natural lashes

How long do the results last?

The length of time the results last depends on how quickly your eyelashes grow. The usual amount of time is between four and six weeks.

Be sure not to touch your lashes or get your lashes wet for 24 hours. No mascara should be applied for 48 hours. Once that time has passed, you can enjoy your full, enhanced lashes freely.

Lash lift benefits

There’s a lot to love about a lash lift, which gives you curl, lift, and the appearance of longer and fuller lashes.

    Enhances the beauty of your natural eyelashes

    Doesn’t require touch ups

    Cheaper than lash extensions


    Customizable treatment and final look

    Very minimal aftercare

    Lifts and curls the lashes


    More lasting results than lash extensions

    Gives the appearance of longer, fuller lashes

Why Summit Aesthetics?

Our team, headed by Stefanie Kuerschner, a board-certified RN, an MBA and a passionate leader, provides a medspa experience that is welcoming, individualized, professional and luxurious. Summit Aesthetics stays on the cutting edge of the latest modern treatment for facial aesthetic treatments, providing you with the highest standard of care and results. Your lash lift and personal satisfaction in seeing your more beautiful eyes is our top priority because we are dedicated to personal, individualized care for every one of our patients, no matter how long or short their treatment is. We look forward to welcoming you into our comfortable, patient-oriented practice. Call for a consultation about your lash lift.

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