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Have you ever had a case of food poisoning that was so bad that it left you feeling weak and overwhelmed? Or maybe you’ve experienced a hangover that was so terrible it made you swear off the party life? When in such predicaments, you need relief, and you need it swiftly.

Your body needs time to process the nutrients you’re feeding it to build excellent ammunition to combat whatever is ailing it. A quicker way to give your body the reinforcement it needs is through True Works IV, a super potent blend that is designed to fight mega-flus, mega stomach bugs, mega-hangovers, and mega-migraines.

True Works IV is your best ally when your body is fighting a draining battle. Within minutes, you’ll feel rejuvenated and more energetic and ready to resume your life.

What’s in Our True Works IV?

True Works IV features a formidable combination of alkalizing fluids and electrolytes, potent medications, and the popular Myers Cocktail. The alkalizing fluids and electrolytes set the pace for rejuvenation by rehydrating and balancing your body.

Next comes Toradol, a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medication that reduces pain, swelling, and fevers. To this blend, we also add Zofran. Zofran is an anti-nausea medication. By delivering these medications straight to your bloodstream, their effects are felt quicker.

To top it off, we add Myers Cocktail, which contains B Vitamins, Vitamin B12 MIC, Vitamin C, and Glutathione. These supplements replenish your body and return it to optimal function.

True Works IV
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