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Are you struggling with extra weight and want to shed off some pounds? Or maybe you’re feeling a little sluggish and want an energy boost to live your best life? If yes, we recommend True Lean/Life, an IV blend that contains L-Carnitine, B12, and MIC.

True Lean/Life is an ideal addition to your weight loss program. Whether you want to supplement your diet and lifestyle changes or want the energy to work out more, True Lean/Life is what you need to start feeling brand new.

Our True Lean/Life Blend

True Lean/Life has three parts. Let’s explore how each of them works.

L-Carnitine is a derivative of an amino acid that is responsible for fat processing. This chemical component delivers fatty acids to your body’s cells to be processed into energy. While your body can produce L-Carnitine, there are instances when this production is compromised. As a result, you might have lower levels of L-Carnitine than is ideal or required. Getting the supplement through our True Lean/Life blend gives the body enough amounts to work with, resulting in more efficient fat processing and, ultimately, weight loss.

Vitamin B12 is added to this blend because of its energy-boosting capabilities.

Lastly, we have MIC, which is a combination of methionine, inositol, and choline. MIC works to release fat for processing by targeting the fatty deposits in your body.

True Lean/Life
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