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If you’re looking for one of the fastest-acting methods to clear brain fog, eliminate food cravings, and give your body the overall boost it needs in the greater Phoenix area, including Scottsdale and Cave Creek, look no further than the time-tested IV therapy of NAD+ Brainfood near you from True Life IV Therapy at Summit Aesthetics.

Long considered the gold standard of IV therapy, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) plays a crucial role in cell health, which has a direct impact on your cognitive function, metabolism, muscle function, tissue repair, DNA repair and more.

NAD+ is Found in Every Living Cell

Human cells require NAD+ to help the electrons that are required for all types of tasks move from one point of your body to the next. But as you age or your system becomes compromised from illness, stress, or not enough rest, the natural levels of NAD+ in your body begin to diminish. That’s when you’ll start to notice that your thinking or memory recall is not quite as sharp as it once was or that you’re starting to put on weight even when your diet or activity level hasn’t changed.

But there’s a way to get this important cell communicator back into your system in as little as two hours with NAD+ Brainfood performed by one of our IV therapists in Scottsdale. We use NAD+ in 250mg or 500mg doses administered in an IV drip and add a Myers Cocktail for increased absorption.

NAD+ Brainfood
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