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Have you recently come back from a tropical vacation feeling dehydrated? Or maybe you just recovered from a terrible bout of flu and are looking to replace all the fluids you lost. There are instances when you require pure hydration, without any fancy supplements. In such cases, Find Your True is your best bet.

Find Your True is basic IV hydration without any supplements or medication.

What’s in Find Your True?

We use Lactated Ringer Solution for this IV drip. Lactated Ringer Solution is a solution that is administered intravenously for hydration, in IV therapy, and also in hospitals during surgery, etc. Also known as Ringer’s lactate or sodium lactate solution, this IV fluid differs from your standard saline solution in several ways.

For starters, Lactated Ringer Solution contains sodium lactate. When metabolized by the body, sodium lactate turns into bicarbonate. Bicarbonate makes the body less acidic. As such, Ringer’s lactate has an alkalizing effect on your body.

Normal saline solution has a higher chloride content compared to a Lactated Ringer Solution. The lower level of chloride in the solution we use is friendlier to your kidneys, as high chloride content can cause renal vasoconstriction.

Lactated Ringer Solution hydrates your body without causing fluid overload. This is because it is metabolized and passes through your body quickly, unlike the normal saline solution.

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