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People living in or visiting the Valley of the Sun may not always have transportation to visit our IV therapists at True Life IV Therapy at Summit Aesthetics for the wellness treatment they need to get back to optimum health and peak performance.

That’s why our mobile IV therapy team in the greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Cave Creek areas will come to you to help you feel better in less time than it takes for your body to digest an oral remedy, or to help you feel better when it’s not possible to keep oral remedies in your stomach long enough to be effective.

We Make Getting the Help You Need Easy

We know that not everyone can drive a car to an appointment when they’re not feeling well, and sometimes they can’t even get out of bed long enough to utilize a ride-sharing service when their bodies are not up to par.

But since IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver the much-needed vitamins and medications you might need, our mobile IV therapy can come to you! Whether you’re at home or visiting and staying in one of the hotels and resorts in the area, our medical-grade IVs can be administered by one of our highly trained medical personnel at the place that’s most convenient for you.

Mobile IV Therapy
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